Drive-By Art Galleries are Reviving the Art Scene in Los Angeles

We've got drive-by weddings, drive-by graduations, drive-by birthday parties, so why not drive-by art shows?

Lately, the car has been a pivotal tool in providing adequate and comfortable protection to those who still crave human interaction while abiding by social distancing guidelines to keep themselves and others safe from the devastating coronavirus. 

Polled individuals think that masks can be dehumanizing, and online interaction simply isn't enough. However, cars are both common sites and they function as protective bubbles for their passengers. Using that information, an artist named Warren Neidich conceived a program called Drive-By Art, intending this to be a new, safe way to experience an art show both offline and away from others. 

The first Drive-By Art gallery occurred earlier this month in Long Island, NY. The Los Angeles edition of this art show is happening right now (the first half took place last weekend, but today-Sunday there will be more installations to see). 

This show is being hosted by a team of curatorial collaborators who are doing their best to showcase both famous and underground local artists. One of the major themes is socioeconomic and cultural diversity. This show will bring the viewer through a multitude of different neighborhoods to showcase who has it easy, who isn't as fortunate, and what their art means for their communities. 

There are no tickets being sold for the event. As long as you know where the installations are (there is a map on Drive-By Art's Instagram page), you can go visit them free of charge. Don't worry, the artists are being paid for their work. 

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