You Won't Believe How Much the World's Richest Heirs and Heiresses are Worth

From the world's most high-profile heiresses like the Hilton sisters to young celebrity children like Blue Ivy and North West, you'll be shocked at how much money these young socialites will come into thanks to the successful careers of their parents...

Paris Hilton, $300 Million

Paris Hilton inherited her wealth from her family's line of Hilton hotels. She's also one of America's most well-known celebs. She has an edge in business despite her partying past and has her own Paris Hilton Beach Club Resort in the Philippines. 

Olivia Wilde, $20 million

Olivia Wilde is an actress, activist, and heiress born in New York City. She attended the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, Ireland. Her wealth comes from her father, Andrew Cockburn, who is the current editor of Harper's Magazine. 


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The More You Know

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