World of Warships Launching Weekly Naval History Podcast

World of Warships is embarking on a new endeavor for its brand with the launch of a weekly podcast series called 'World of Warships Podcast.' The weekly podcast will cater to the naval history buffs of the world tying into WoW's popular documentary series.

The podcast will aim to explore the stories and intricacies of the construction, history, and missions of some of the most renowned warships in history. If you're a frequent player of the video game, the podcast will be available to listen to within the game, as well. 

Weekly episodes will deep dive into the historical details and engineering of ships of the 20th century. The first episode highlights the Swedish Bofors L60, a 40 mm medium-weight platform that served as the anti-aircraft gun of choice for various countries during WWII. 

“We are delighted that our popular documentary series are going to be even more accessible to all history enthusiasts. Regardless whether you are commuting to work, doing chores, or having an online battle, you can now listen to WOWS Podcast and get even more immersed through captivating stories behind these steel giants”, said Sergey Gornostaev, Senior Museums and Militaria Relations Specialist.

WoW's Naval Legends series on YouTube has garnered over 35 million views and counting. Its 60 episodes feature important vessels from the UK, USA, Germany, and Russia, to name a few. 

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