Wheatsville Food Co-op Cleans Local Landscape

Your local community is a great place to start paying kindness forward. This is a sentiment that the people of Wheatsville Food Co-Op know very well. Located in Austin, Texas, this grocery store is committed to helping their town grow and succeed so that everyone can live a happy and fulfilling life. They've been known to give some store proceeds to charitable causes. 

When customers make their purchases, they're often asked to round up their cash to donate. These donations are given to local charities that benefit the communities they serve. Hopefully, by donating 100% of these proceeds, they can help make Austin a great place to live. Even outside the store, employees encourage kindness and cleanliness throughout the city. 

One group of staff members volunteered at an organization called Hospice Austin. While donning their mandated masks, the staff members helped landscape the Christopher House garden. This involved everything from pulling weeds, replanting flower beds, and collecting litter from the grounds. According to the staff members of Hospice Austin, this work was done in only hours but would have taken a week for them to accomplish.  

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.