Hot Springs National Park Turns 100 Years Old

Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas celebrated its 100th anniversary of becoming a National Park on March 4th. The National Park protects 5,500 acres of land that sits on a fault line where rainwater is heated to 143 degrees and sent back out of the ground. 

Hot Springs is the only National Park that is mandated to give away its prized resource, the water! People often come and fill jugs with the water from the hot springs or they take a dip at one of eight natural spas on Bathhouse Row. 

The town was the first-ever location for Major League Baseball's Spring Training and hosted MLB legends like Cy Young, Babe Ruth, and Satchel Page. The hot springs were the perfect place to rest and recover after a day of training. 

There are a number of centennial celebrations planned throughout the month and year. Between guided tours, the possibility of acquiring the 2021 iron ranger patch, the Great Gatsby themed party, and monthly photo contests, this is certainly one event you don't want to miss. 

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