Unearthed World War II Pictures Show A Never-Before-Seen Side of History

Hidden Explosives

Here, a U.S. Army combat engineer is pictured placing something truly explosive inside an empty tank. The estimated half-pound of cans contain TNT explosives. They are being tucked away under an abandoned German Tiger heavy tank. It is approximated that this photo was taken during the Battle of El Guettar, Tunisia. Based on that, it is dated April of 1943.

Ammo Dump

In 1944, ammunition dumps were commonplace. Here, a couple of American servicemen are pictured moving a single large bomb at an ammunition dump. Recently, an entire village in Switzerland was forced to move due to the remnants of an ammunition dump. The clean up for the dump is estimated to take nearly a decade before the residents can return to their homes...


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The More You Know

  • Captain Morgan Was An Actual Person Who Existed
  • Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt was allergic to moon dust.
  • George Washington owned a whiskey distillery.
  • Adolf Hitler’s nephew William Patrick Hitler fought against the Nazi in World War II.
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