The Oldest Bar in the World

This bar has been operational for over 1,100 years.

Can you imagine going to a bar that is themed around being over 1,100 years old? Imagine the lack of plumbing, the big bubbling stew-pot churning out meals on a daily basis, and the iron flagons filled to the brim with ale and wine used to lubricate the merry-making and warm the soul. 

That's the heart of Sean's Bar in Athlone Ireland. 

In 900 AD, a man named Sean opened a ground-floor pub in his house in one of the oldest towns in the center of Ireland. 

 Athlone is an extremely small place, it only houses around 20,000 people, and the tourism economy isn't particularly large either. 

However, people come from far and wide (or, at least they used to) to sit on one of the wobbly, creaky barstools for a pint. 

Archaeological records of the town found that every owner of the building passed its legacy down, since its conception in the 10th century. 

So, even if that person had no relation to anyone named Sean, they passed down the name to respect those who came before them. 

For the most part, you wouldn't guess that this is one of the most important bars in history. People still just go there to drink. There's no real museum there, outside of the framed plaque from Guinness that legitimizes their historical background. 

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