Scientist Found Possible Ruins on Mars

Virtual archaeologist Scott Waring locked onto a bizarre sight while he was looking at Mars' surface. He believes that he found the remnants of structures on the surface.

To him, the ruins looked like a smooth man-made structure, and not a structure of the planets rocky surface. Not only that, but it looks like these structures formed rooms...

After investigating the photos and comparing them to other parts of the planet, he believes that this may be proof of life on Mars. The structures could easily resemble rooms, which means that buildings were on Mars' surface.

Most would just assume that these ruins are part of Mars' landscape, but Waring disagrees. The thickness of the ruins differs greatly from the rest of the planet.

Waring does say that this structure is much smaller than it seems. It's nowhere near the size of what a human structure in the same vein would represent. Either way, this suggests that there may have been life on Mars...

Scott Waring has seen many instances of "proof" of life on Mars and even the moon. Many would argue to take his findings with a grain of salt. Others believe that he's looking where scientists are not...

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Post originally appeared on Inside Mystery.