Rescued Horses In Puerto Rico Are Living The Best Life

Kelley Stobie lives on a farm in Puerto Rico, and her houseguests are all retired thoroughbred racehorses. Here, the horses are rehabilitated and rehomed, but keeping funds flowing is a constant struggle, especially during these unprecedented times. Now though, thanks to a group of organizations that recognize the important work Kelley is doing at Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, things are looking up for these abandoned beasts. 

The facility was gifted a five-month supply of hay, which solves the food funding crisis that Kelley has been having since the place opened in 1995 when Hurricane Luis hit. Kelley stayed behind to help the lost animals and was rewarded for her bravery. She cared for over 800 horses during those stressful times, feeding them, housing them, and providing them with medical care. Feeding was the hardest part since hay is not often found in Puerto Rico.

Kelley was also recently given a grant of $3,000 from a non-profit funding source for thoroughbred racehorses called After the Finish Line. With ongoing support from AFL and Trailer Bridge, a shipping and logistics company that runs from Jacksonville to Puerto Rico, Kelley's luck is finally turning up. If she's doing well, that means her beloved horses are reaping the benefits of this worldwide kindness as well. 

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Post originally appeared on Endeared.