One Woman Turned This Vermont Town Into an Artist's Oasis

Kathleen Dolan started the nonprofit, ArtisTree Community Center, on June 8th, 2020, in her hometown of South Pomfret, Vermont. The center offers art classes for children and adults of all ages. She hopes to turn the small town into an arts getaway for locals and tourists alike. WIth a background in music and a teaching career in Woodstock, Vermonth, Dolan is used to running a one-woman show.

The ArtisTree Community Arts Center has become "a powerhouse of creativity, welcoming local artists to its classes, art exhibitions, concerts, and theater productions," according to the CS Monitor. 

Dolan says, “It’s a place where individuals feel their creative, imaginative selves can thrive, and it’s supported. It’s supported by teachers, by the people around you, by the space.”

Woodstock-based artist Judith Taylor has spent time at Dolan's nonprofit. “I really believe we’re here to question and imagine and create and tell stories,” Taylor says. “I always had a feeling at ArtisTree that I was welcome to do that. I really got the courage to explore whatever interested me.”

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