New Info on American Horror Story Season 10

Every year since American Horror Story's debut in 2011, fans sit on the edge of their seats as they await Ryan Murphy to reveal the plotlines for the next season. Usually, fans can expect some painful teasers at the beginning of the year. Murphy is slowly but surely releasing more info about the season as time goes on, and needless to say, we're excited. 

As most people know, AHS doesn't have the same storyline for each season. It is known to run in the same universe and plots and characters are revisited, but each season is a different theme.

Last years AHS: 1984 was a slasher hit, focusing on the good old 80s horror movie charm. This year, it seems that we're in that same vein of reality... Well, so far.

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Things are beginning to wash up on shore...

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In true Ryan Murphy form, we're left to connect the dots with the information that he's released. So far, we have a video confirming who is in this upcoming season. The names of seasoned favorites appear over a black and white video of the shoreline. 

In the same vein, Murphy also released a promo shot that was also featured on the beach. But, like the video, it's not a sunny, warm-looking beach like you'd see in California... It's more like a cold, desolate beach of the Northeast. 

On March 11, 2020, the Cape Cod Times reported that the Select Board of Provincetown authorized the town manager to draft an agreement allowing a Ryan Murphy production team to film in the area. This is a pretty surefire indicator that we're focused up north...

There's an obvious theme going on, but there's still a lot of mystery! There are so many ideas for stories up in the coastal Northeast. There are tons of urban legends and even more serial killers to focus a season around. Fans are starting to speculate, which is half of the fun! 

Provincetown was the grounds for serial killer Tony Costa. There are also legends of sea monsters woven into the community. Who's to say? Murphy is usually pretty unpredictable...

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