If You Love History, You Should Check Out These Podcasts

Podcasts are where a lot of people who are interested in the sciences, history, and politics get their educational info. Learning is fun, and these show hosts can prove it. 

The History Chicks: Hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider. 

The History Chicks' podcast focuses exclusively on the stories of historical women. Although they do touch on figures of the ancient past, most of the individuals that this podcast covers come from after the 1400s. All of their podcasts run about an hour, and they are presented in a lighthearted, easy to follow style. They even provide sources, images, and further information on the subject's life on their website, where they offer all of their podcasts for free. 

You can listen to this podcast on their website, thehistorychicks.com, on Apple Podcasts, and Spotify as well. 

The Archaeology Show: hosted by April Kamp-Whittaker and Chris Webster

The Archaeology Show is produced through the Archaeology Podcast Network, which is a highly reputable network of historical podcasts and videos where you can learn about niche bits of archaeological history and news from all over the world. 

April Kamp-Whittaker and Chris Webster are, respectively, an archaeologist and a historical academic who interview individuals from all around the world on archaeology-themed topics. They focus mainly on archaeology news and the history behind that news. 

Each episode runs roughly one hour long. You can listen to this show on Apple Podcasts, and through the Archaeology Podcast Network. 

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