An Apple Watch Is Responsible For Catching This Boyfriend In a Major Betrayal

Workout Partners

One thing they also loved to do together was exercise. Their friends admired them for being partners who trained together, and Breanne truly loved that about Chris. They motivated each other to work hard and be better. That played into Breanne's Christmas and anniversary present for her partner...

Christmas Past

On their last anniversary, Breanne had surprised Chris by signing them up for a marathon in the spring. Fitness and health were things they both valued and enjoyed adventures together. Even though it wasn't something material, Chris still appreciated the gesture...


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The More You Know

  • T-shirts were originally made for unmarried men who didn't know how to sew buttons on collared shirts.
  • Only 5% of the ocean has been explored.
  • An oyster's sex is fluid.
  • The smallest unit of measurement in the universe is the Planck length.
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